Michael Farrow received the 2011 Ballesty Sikkema award, in recognition of his long-standing and exceptional contribution to the financial planning industry.

Aaron Klumpp, received the 2014 Richard Harvey Award as the most outstanding young Adviser. The award recognises Aaron’s high ethical standards, his level of professionalism and his contribution to the growth and development of his client base.

Backed by the investment research, analysis and resources of Charter Financial Planning, Farrow Hughes Mulcahy is a leader in providing bespoke wealth management solutions.

A holistic approach to managing your wealth that enables you to achieve your objectives, whatever they may be.

By creating unique investment solutions for each client we are able to develop portfolios that are designed to meet your individual objectives. We have expertise in a wide range of direct and indirect investments, which allows us to recommend a personalised investment strategy, tailored to your situation.

Our investment philosophy is built on the premise that a set-and-forget strategy will not produce the best possible outcomes. Change is inevitable and we are on hand to guide you and help you adapt and take advantage of change.





Case study

After many years of running a successful company David was referred to us following the sale of his business to a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. David and his wife Suzanne had received shares in the listed company as payment.  Although David and Suzanne were happy with the outcome, they hadn’t realised the level of risk they were now exposed to, with the majority of their wealth tied up in a large listed company, over which David had no day-to-day control.

Long discussions with the couple revealed they were conservative investors, and uncomfortable with the level of risk they had inadvertently taken on. David and Suzanne wanted to do something to protect their wealth and reduce the risk they were now exposed to.

The solution was an orderly sell down of the majority of their listed investment, at agreed prices, over an agreed time frame. Their money was then reinvested in a broad based portfolio of quality shares, property and fixed interest investments in line with the level of risk with which they were comfortable. The timing was fortunate for David and Suzanne, as in 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis struck, the value of the listed company fell by 65% and their dividends halved. Over the same period their diversified portfolio fell by just 5% and their income was maintained.

David and Suzanne now have a comfortable retirement with a solid income stream and little day-to-day concern about the volatility of share markets. This is real wealth intelligence.

The case study is illustrative only and is not an estimate of the investment returns you will receive or fees and costs you will incur.