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Develop a strategy that supports the transition of loved ones into Aged Care.

Transitioning a loved one into Aged Care can be a difficult time for families involving lifestyle changes and important financial decisions.

Let us guide you through the steps to ensure the right decisions are made from the outset.

Case study

Long term clients Peter and Jenny saw our aged care brochure at their last review meeting. This prompted a conversation in relation to Peters mother Joan, an 85-year-old widow. Joan’s health had deteriorated in recent years and family discussions had started around the need to move Joan into an aged care facility.

With a myriad of issues to work through we established a 3 step plan to support the family in achieving the right outcome.

1.      Assessment to determine level of care

2.      Finding the right residence

3.      Organising the finances

We engaged with a number of other professionals (accountants, lawyer and real estate agent) to manage this important transition and we played a very strategic role in implementing the financial elements of the plan.

Through our knowledge of the complexities of accommodation bonds, Centrelink, tax and investments our advice to the family has enabled Joan to transition into an aged care facility with the comfort of knowing that the family home has been maintained, Joan’s age pension is unchanged, and because the home will be rented out her overall cash position has improved.

This is real wealth intelligence.


The case study is illustrative only and is not an estimate of the investment returns you will receive or fees and costs you will incur.