Michael Farrow received the 2011 Ballesty Sikkema award, in recognition of his long-standing and exceptional contribution to the financial planning industry.

Aaron Klumpp, received the 2014 Richard Harvey Award as the most outstanding young Adviser. The award recognises Aaron’s high ethical standards, his level of professionalism and his contribution to the growth and development of his client base.

With a panel of preferred insurance partners and rigorously researched insurance products, Farrow Hughes Mulcahy has access to market leading risk management solutions

Protect what you've achieved with a risk management solution tailored to your situation.

During the stage of life when clients are building their wealth they often have need to protect their assets and incomes and lifestyles from the unexpected. We have years of experience in providing clients with advice on how to manage and eliminate the unexpected risks in life.

Case study

For some years, John and his wife, Lorraine considered our regular offers to review their risk insurance cover. Eventually they agreed to visit our office and after analysing their financial position, they accepted our recommendation for John to take out $1.4 million in life insurance.

John’s life insurance was structured within his superannuation fund to take advantage of the tax concessions on super insurance premiums (paid by his family company employer), and tax-free claim proceeds payable to dependents in the event of death.

Sadly, two months later, John died suddenly from a heart attack aged 53 leaving a big mortgage, a newly installed kitchen requiring payment, two teenage daughters and a desperate widow.

On Lorraine’s behalf, we managed the complex claims process, including assistance with completing the numerous claim forms, and providing required documentation and paperwork requested by the insurer.

Twelve months after this tragedy, Lorraine wrote the following to our office:
“Thank you. You have been such a wonderful support through this year, it is a year ago on Friday that I lost my husband, and because of you the girls and I are safe in our own home. I will always be so very grateful for everything you did”.

This is real wealth intelligence.


The case study is illustrative only and is not an estimate of the investment returns you will receive or fees and costs you will incur.