Michael Farrow received the 2011 Ballesty Sikkema award, in recognition of his long-standing and exceptional contribution to the financial planning industry.

Aaron Klumpp, received the 2014 Richard Harvey Award as the most outstanding young Adviser. The award recognises Aaron’s high ethical standards, his level of professionalism and his contribution to the growth and development of his client base.

Supported by strategic advice and technical specialists Farrow Hughes Mulcahy helps clients navigate complex rules and regulations to ensure their assets are structured effectively.

Effectively achieve your goals with an astute structure in place for managing your wealth.

Having the right strategy and structure in place for your personal situation will go a long way to determining if you reach your financial and personal objectives.

We are experts at helping clients define and understand the most appropriate strategies for their wealth. Once the strategy is established it also needs to be structured in the most efficient, cost effective and tax-effective manner.

Case study

Jane was referred to us by her accountant. She had recently inherited some money, a share portfolio and her former family home after the death of her parents.  Jane and her spouse Andrew were aged 55 and looking at retiring in five years. They were concerned about how to use these assets in the most effective way to create a tax-effective income for their retirement.  Having worked hard all their lives, they wanted to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and also have assets left to pass onto their children.

Following several meetings with Jane and Andrew, a strategy to maximise their contributions to superannuation over the next five years while they continued to work was recommended. While Jane and Andrew were at first cautious, we were able to demonstrate how a tax effective combination of salary sacrifice while maximising non-deductible super contributions would meet their future income needs. Jane and Andrew were keen to understand the different tax treatments of the inherited assets and move some of these into their super fund. Ultimately, more than $2 million was able to be transferred from a high taxed environment to a low taxed area.

An appropriate structure for Andrew and Jane’s assets was required, and it was decided that remaining involved in their existing self-managed super fund was the best solution. At retirement Jane and Andrew were comfortably able to draw a regular income of $150,000 per annum, entirely tax free, while continuing to grow their assets in a non-taxed environment.

The result was a strategy and structure which provided them with a comfortable retirement, some involvement in the management of their own wealth and a significant nest egg for their children. This is real wealth intelligence.


The case study is illustrative only and is not an estimate of the investment returns you will receive or fees and costs you will incur.